What is the best tennis tournament software?

20 Jan 2021 19:55 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

Every game has a rule and so does tennis. From recording stance and shots to maintaining scores and registrations, the game involves a range of record-keeping like all other international sports. With the increasing number of tennis tournaments being organized, traditional management of sports has not only become difficult but nearly impossible to follow and maintain.

Especially when you are an individual player wanting to exhibit your caliber in the sport and track your personal performance in correlation with strict sports rules, then relying on a tennis tournament management software is the best option.

Playinga is a perfect tennis tournament software that removes the tedious backend work associated with organizing and managing a tennis match. Be it playing an individual match or organizing an informal friendly match, this free software allows you to register players, maintain scores, and publish results all in one place. Playinga offers a lucid design and an easy interface that makes organizing multiple matches seem quite simple.

Tennis Tournament Features offered by PLAYINGA

Playinga offers everything you need to organize your tennis tournament and this section explains the various features offered by the software.

1. Easy Registration

You can add players and new players can register online without having to queue up. Since there is no paperwork involved, the information is very accurate and the players can enjoy the benefit of registering from the comfort of their homes.

2. Score Keeping

You can update and publish scores right from the field. The Playinga Software has a built-in scoring engine that enforces sport-specific scoring rules, thus preventing errors while keeping scores. You can totally forget about using traditional paper scorecards hereafter!

3. Multi Venue Scheduling

Playinga allows you to schedule matches across multiple venues and your match gets allotted based on the availability of slots on those venues.

4. Track Performance

The software has an excellent performance tracking ability. It correlates several factors involved in a sport and puts together a comparison report that helps organizers analyze a match and allows individual team players to track their personal sporting growth.

5. Delegating Roles

Giving out orders and delegating roles to your organizing team becomes very effective with Playinga.

The other key features include Updating teams and players about match reschedules through email, Maintaining Activity Feed from players, teams and fans, Easy payment methods, Easy interface to Communicate & Coordinate and much more.

It is better to try and believe rather than theoretically learning about the software. PLAYINGA is absolutely free of cost so create an account and see for yourself.
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