5 values that sports teach your kids to become better human beings

01 Apr 2018 18:36 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

As parents and coaches, we always tend to tell our kids - this is how you bat, this is how you run, be a top performer and so on. But, over a period of time what I realized was that there are much more to tell our kids what is really important for them to succeed in the sport they play. Here is our take on the 5 values that sports help your kids to be a better sportsperson.

1: Sports are fun!

Sports involve hard work. Playing under the scorching sun on a dusty ground is no easy job. But, kids must enjoy playing and realize that at the end of the day, it was all fun. Find out a suitable time and space for your kids to have fun and not burn out much. You could also book a venue so that schedules can be managed better.

2: It's all about teamwork!

Sports teach your kids to work together as a team, making them better as an individual player. Playing in a team teaches our kids interpersonal skills or as we call it as “soft skills”. Looking into the future, machines are going to do most of the work we are doing today and the one skills that will differentiate humans from the rest are these soft skills. 

Playing as a team, helps kids to interact with other kids from varied background. They will work together, identify the core team strengths and manage their team better in achieving the team’s goals.

3: Sports for everyone!

As parents and coaches, we need to ensure that kids get to play together irrespective of their social, economic or racial background. We need to make that happen. Sports brings fun and imbibes a sense of togetherness. 

4: Stay Humble!

Sports teaches our kids to lead and support everyone in the team. An effective leader is one who moves forward as a team and stays humble. Playing with a team teaches our kids to interact with other kids with varying personalities. This helps our kids to be more patient and humble to bring the best out of each individual in a team. At the end of the day, it’s all about achieving the team goals collectively.

5: Let kids have fun!

This is a value which should be practised by parents. Keep your personal ambitions, ego at bay and let your kids play and have fun. Winning a game or losing one is never permanent, it’s just rented for some time.

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