5 Essential features a tournament software should have

11 May 2019 16:54 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

When you conduct tournaments in a medium to large scale, it’s always better to have a tournament software which will manage your tournament end to end. We have conducted several tournaments in the past and have also interacted with few tournament organisers. A tournament is just not an interaction between players, it’s a complex interaction between tournament organisers, venue managers, event managers, referees, scorers, commentators, spectators and ultimately players. When you have all these people from various fields, it becomes important to manage the entire process seamlessly and efficiently. Hence choosing a right tournament software becomes crucial.

Any event within a tournament can be classified as a “Process” and an “Interaction”. Scoring a game is a process while playing on the field is an interaction. An ideal tournament software should reduce the stress imposed on an organiser by “Process” and should be able to automate it. Here is our take on 5 essential features a tournament software should have.

1.  A Dedicated Tournament Page

Every tournament deserves a special recognition as it’s a culmination of players and professionals. A dedicated tournament page on the tournament software makes your tournament more search friendly and should also help organisers manage the information in one place. 

The dedicated tournament page should contain all the details of the tournament such as tournament name, description, sport, divisions, enrollment date, start and end dates etc.  

2: Manage Online & On-Spot Registrations

Managing registrations for a tournament is a tough task. There can be registrations via phone, personal visits to the club, online and finally on-the-spot registrations. Having to use pen-paper and manage all registrations and payments is a hassle. 

Your online tournament software should be capable enough to manage all these registrations. 

3: Generate fixtures automatically for various formats

Generally, in a tournament, there are 3 major formats – Round Robin, Knock Outs and Group PlayOffs. In a round robin format, each player faces every other opponent. There could be one or multiple rounds. The player or team with maximum winning points is the tournament winner. In a knock out format, a player faces an opponent and only the winner proceeds to the next level. In a group playoff format, players are split into groups and a round robin is conducted within the group. The top N players are chosen from each group and the winner complete with each other in a knockout match. A tournament software should generate fixtures online automatically and keep track of the winners. 

Fixture Generation

4: Score matches online and publish tournament results

Scores and Statistics is what makes a tournament more exciting. While amateur and youth sports may not need extensive scoring needs, professional sport does. If your tournament software has in built sport specific scoring  like PLAYINGA a lot of effort in showing data about participants can be done automatically. This will help other players to analyze the best players in the tournament and plan better for their next games. This feature could be a game changer as an organizer to show off the professionalism in running your tournament. The stats can also be a great take away for participants.  

Match Scoring Page

5: Share photos and track player statistics 

Ultimately, tournaments are fun, whether you are an organiser or a player – it’s the same feeling for both. The tournament software should celebrate the success of it and give players and organisers a platform to share some of the amazing moments with all fans and players.
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