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Important Tips to Strengthen Your Bones

Sports involving weight-bearing activities improve the quality of bones. High impact sports such as volleyball or odd-impact sports such as soccer, badminton are associated with higher Bone Mineral Density. Optimise your kid’s bone health by encouraging them to play a variety of high impact and odd-...

30 Apr 2018 03:30 - Comment(s)
Sports could be the secret behind longer healthy living
Sports of longevity and good health. A healthy diet, maintaining balanced BMI and quitting our bad smoking habit can all lead to healthy living. However, there is one other secret weapon to healthy and happy living. It's sports.
07 Apr 2018 18:36 - Comment(s)
5 values that sports teach your kids to become better human beings
Values that sports inculcate in human beings. Here is our take on the 5 values that sports help your kids to be a better sportsperson.
01 Apr 2018 18:36 - Comment(s)