What is the Best Tournament Registration Software?

12 Apr 2021 14:02 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

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Organizing and managing a tournament is not a kid’s play. It requires a lot of admin work and let alone the paperwork involved in it. To make things easy, there are numerous tournament registration software that help organize and track a sports event without having to worry about traditional paperwork and administration.

What to look for in a Tournament Registration Software?

Before choosing an app or management software, you must double check if the software meets the requirements of a sports event.

  1. The software must have an easy and automated registration system.
  2. Payment must be as easy as a click of a button
  3. The scheduling tools offered must be robust as well as very effective
  4. Must be able to schedule and update event dates. The same must be sent out to players via email or other means of communication.
  5. Must offer easy integration with excel ore similar systems to take down team player names effectively.

Once you have shortlisted the sport registration software of your choice, look for other important features (besides easy registration) like the ones listed below;
Tournament Scheduler

1) Security

The payment gateway must be totally safe. And also, the player data must never be disclosed.

2) Performance Tracker

The software must be able to track and update a player’s performance and compare him against various factors to determine his efficacy and diligence.

3)  Easy Delegation

The software must allow easy delegation of roles and responsibilities within a team. This feature helps keep a team coordinated and well organized.

4) 24/7 Customer Support

Make sure that the software you choose must be willing to offer a strong customer support, either via chat or mail. Primary support is essential to learn the software basics and navigational features.
PLAYINGA is a free tournament management software that has all the above-mentioned functionalities incorporated within its system. 

Sign up with a sport management software only if you are satisfied with all the features offered. Finally, towards the end of the day, it is you who is going to organize a game. So, make a wise choice!
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