Small team with big dreams..

24 Feb 2017 20:23 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

We are excited to announce the public and official launch of PLAYINGA 1.0 on the 24th February 2019. We would like to thank all of our beta customers for their support and valuable feedback.

What’s in PLAYINGA?

– Social Network for Sports Enthusiast
– Sports Performance tracker for Players
– Communication & Schedule Management for Teams
– Mobile apps for Scorer
– Tournament Manager for Organizers and much more ...

We have been tirelessly working on creating this product which will help other sports enthusiasts like us to manage their profile, create a team, schedule and score matches. It took us few years to refine our product to a stage where we are today.

Going forward, we realize we have much more to complete, more sports to add and more capabilities to imbibe. With your support and motivation, we are sure that we will achieve our dream to create one single platform to manage all sports, matches, and tournaments.

Our doors are now open for business! Welcome to PLAYINGA! If you haven’t signed up for PLAYINGA yet, you can sign up here –

We want to hear your feedback – so please email us at support (at) playinga (dot) com .

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