5 Basic and effective football skills for beginners

19 Apr 2018 18:36 Comment(s) By Administrator Skybis

Soccer is a game which is played, admired and followed by millions of people around the world. Soccer still continues to dominate as the one of biggest sports event ever played on the face of this planet. With Soccer gearing up in countries such as India, where cricket and hockey still lead the way; here is a collection of some effective steps which a beginner like me can practice and take these steps to the field.

Here is a collection of 5 basic and effective steps which I have tried and tested as a beginner in soccer. You can practice and excel in these basic skills. There are many sites which recommend other skills. This is just my take. Try it out in a match!

1: Shoulder Drop: 

You can try out a shoulder drop when you are facing the defendant in front of you. So you drop your shoulder in one way and then quickly move to the other. If you are too close to the defendant, it might get a little difficult to do a shoulder drop. In this case, put a small lift on the ball so if you don’t beat the man, you might end up getting a free kick.

2: Fake Shot: 

A fake shot in soccer is an extremely effective shot if you do it at high speeds. However, you need the get the defender to commit. So here you start shooting motion to hit the ball but, just before you hit the ball stop your foot and then move away from the defender. By that time, the defender would have put his/her body weight forward and hence would not have reflex fast enough to stop you.

3: Poke Right Go Left: 

This move brilliantly works if you are moving super fast. It’s a fairly simple move unless you are too close to the defender. In this stop, you need to just poke the ball to the right and sprint past the defender from the left and catch up with the ball to take it forward. 

4: Step Over Variation: 

This is one of the coolest basic steps I have seen in football. This step will certainly send defenders for a dizzy. In this step, you take a touch to either side of the ball and after that, you do a step over where you really want to commit to the step over motion - could be right or left.  In step over, the defender gets caught and then you move in the other direction. It takes a while to make it perfect. But yes, this step definitely requires some practice. 

5: La Croqueta: 

This is the best of all the steps listed above. This step is used by soccer legends such as Andres Iniesta and Michael Laudrup. In this step, you need to wait for the defender to lunge on the ball and then you have to quickly slide the ball from one door to another by pushing the ball around the defender like a double tap. This move is extremely effective however requires some practice.

I hope this compilation of these basic essential skills will improve your chances in a soccer match. All these skills require practice. Try it out in a soccer match you play! All the best!

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